Functional Fest

The Higher-Order Conference

Online, 2021

Due to COVID pandemic, for 2020 and 2021 we decided to give a sneak peek preview of Functional Fest thanks to the support of these awesome friends!

Online edition, fall 2021

13th Oct, 2021

Ju Liu

9th Nov, 2021

Marco Sampellegrini

14th Dec, 2021

Dmitrii Kovanikov

Online edition, spring 2021

23rd March, 2021

Alejandro Serrano

13th April, 2021

Veronika Romashkina

27th April, 2021

Nicolas Rinaudo

20th May, 2021

Felienne Hermans

Online edition, 2020

16th September

Giovanni Gonzaga


21st October

Antonio Murgia

Agile Lab

11th November

Mathias Verraes

Value Object Coom.V.

9th December

Daniela Sfregola

About Functional Fest

The only Functional Programming-related event in the country, carefully crafted for you by the Italian FP community. Awesome speakers and lots of functional programming!